A Guide To Diamond Shapes

A Guide To Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond is extremely significant. This is where you let your personality and taste shine through. There are so many different diamond shapes for you to select from. The following are just a mere handful; heart, marquise, emerald, round, oval and pear. When selecting the right shaped diamond you not only need to consider what you find the most visually appealing, but you also need to think about the diamond shape in relation to your hand. Does it suit you?

A Guide To Diamond Shapes

A Guide To Diamond Shapes

First, let’s begin by discussing some of the most popular diamond shapes you will find at reputable jewellers like Winsor Bishop in more detail. These are as follows…


  • Pear – Delicate and beautiful; the pear-shaped diamond looks like a teardrop.
  • Princess – This is one of the most popular diamond shapes. It is essentially a square diamond that boasts a magnificent reflective quality thanks to the ‘V’ pavilion facets.
  • Marquise – The marquise shape is unusual. It is an elongated shape boasting pointed ends. This is the diamond to go for when looking for the wow factor.
  • Round Brilliant – This is the most popular of all of the diamond shapes. In fact, it represents over 80 per cent of diamonds sold on a worldwide basis.
  • Heart – It is all in the name with this one; a heart-shaped diamond. This is obviously a great option to go for if you are wondering what type of diamond ring to buy your loved one.
  • Oval – The oval diamond works beautifully when you are going for a coloured diamond because it shows off the intensity of the shade extremely well.
  • Emerald – Finally, we have the emerald diamond. This is ideal for those who want a bold look because it is the chunkiest shape. This rectangular diamond is highly popular at present.


A Guide To Diamond Shapes

Now you know a little bit more about the most popular diamonds for engagements and weddings, let’s look into how to purchase the right shaped diamond rings for your hand shape and fingers…


  • Pear – A pear-shaped diamond is perfect for individuals with slightly shorter fingers.
  • Princess – Ideal for those who have wider fingers.
  • Marquise – Marquise diamonds are ideal for those who have slightly shorter fingers. If you have wide fingers you should opt for a marquise diamond set horizontally.
  • Round Brilliant – Round shaped diamonds tend to suit most hand shapes, hence why they are popular. However, if you have shorter fingers you may want to reconsider.
  • Heart – Extremely flattering for those with small hands and shorter fingers.
  • Oval – An oval diamond suits those with smaller hands and thicker or shorter fingers.
  • Emerald – Emerald shaped fingers are perfect for those who have long and slender fingers.


When buying an engagement ring, you need to make sure the company uses diamonds that are GIA certified. This grades a diamond based on the four C’s: colour, carat, clarity, and carat weight. Without this certification, you are putting yourself at serious risk of paying far too much for a poor quality diamond.


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