Image Skincare Max Contour Crème Gel

Image Skincare Max Contour Creme Gel

Image Skincare is a brand that sits at the forefront of my daily skincare routine. I have been a fan of the brand for a number of years now and will continue to use as it delivers on all fronts. When I was approaching my late thirties panic began to set in. I started to notice I was starting to lose volume and the lines and wrinkles multiplied and intensified. I’m a highly expressive person so those dreaded crow feet became a permanent fixture. I can fondly remember someone saying to me that expression lines shows your a happy person and you know what I will take that analogy. So this is where my love of Image began. I was seeking a luxurious and affordable brand that offered all that I wanted in terms of texture and performance. Image for me does both and more. During this time I have used multiple products from the brand all with continued success. I was delighted to be gifted the new launch earlier this week which I shared on my Instagram. I received a lot of messages after so thought I would write up an post to give the basics about the Image Skincare Max Contour Crème Gel.

Image Skincare Max Contour Crème Gel

Image Skincare Max Contour Creme Gel


This extremely luxurious and highly concentrated crème is for anybody who wants to add firmness and lift the lower facial areas and contour the jawline. The max contour gel is packed full of stem cell technology including peptides and lipo’s which combined will create that fullness that we crave.


Sodium acetylated hyaluronate

Offering a flash filler effect to the skin


Acetyl tetrapeptide-2

Anti gravity peptide that supports collagen resulting in plumped skin


Sweet iris and orchid stem cells

Improving tone and skins elasticity


Babassu oil

Softens and smooths


Targeted zones

Facial sagging

Nasolabial folds

Marionette lines



Use the product morning and evening for maximum results. The joy of using image skincare is that you can intermix and layer their products without contraindications, so this slots in well with your regular skincare regime. I have used the product for 2 days running and my skin feels very soft and plumped I will of course return and share my results in a 4 weeks time.


Image Skincare Max Contour Creme Gel


Image Skincare Ireland


The Max Contour Gel Crème


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