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Start The Day With Good Cleanse

Every morning without fail you will find me at the bathroom sink cleansing my face, ridding my face of any impurities from during the night.

I always use Micclear water to start off. I soak a few cotton pads with the liquid and sweep over my face, including eyes and lip area. This removes any build up/oils and makeup (if using at night) your skin just feels very clear after using with no tightness. It’s very affordable as well and can be picked up with your weekly shop.

I then double cleanse, using The Body Shop Camomile Butter and then the Camomile Oil. My skin always feels incredibly soft and thoroughly cleansed. It doesn’t take that long either, so don’t let using 2 products put you off. I was actually really surprised how good these products are, and the fact that The Body Shop regularly has promos on means you can often get them lower than RRP.

Next I use my new find, NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex. I actually got this product in a beauty box and its transformed my face in a few weeks. With 12 different types of Hyaluronic Acid its reported to plump and smooth fine lines. A must for me at my tender age.


NIOD, Hyaluronic Complex


I follow on with a Serum. I have a few stashed away and I generally just pick one that comes to hand quickly.

I then apply my eye cream, the Clarins eye concentrate that I mentioned in a previous blog. This product is great and well worth the price tag, rumoured to last me a good 8 months with 2 applications a day it evens itself out money wise.


Clarins Total Eye Concentrate

Last but by no means least is my moisturiser. I’m using Elizabeth Arden at the minute. Light and easily absorbed this was another great find.

My routine as listed above takes no longer than 5 minutes per session. Do you have a good routine? Can you recommend any products that I could try?

Lynne xx


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