The Complete Shaving Kit

The Complete Shaving Kit is the perfect addition to your man’s bathroom accessories or even as a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. A lot of men have turned to cut-throat razor style shaving over the last few years simply because it offers them a closer cut and they actually like the feel of the razor in comparison to standard types. My husband grew a beard a few years ago and still has to shave his neck area and he has loved trialing out this product for me.


The Complete Shaving Kit

The Bluebeard company has a wide variety of options to choose from which all vary in price so there is something for everyone. The kit that I am featuring today is the Classic Kit which has all that you need to achieve that close shave.


1 x 100ml Shaving Cream
1 x 100ml Post-Shave Balm
1 x Doubloon Bristle Shaving Brush
1 x 50ml Anti-Perspirant Deodorant


Shaving Cream 100mls

A premium quality product that’s great to use on even the heaviest of stubble. It also lathers up very quickly, perfect for those mornings when your short on time but also offering a clean shave.

Post Shave Balm

As with any type of shaving you can, of course, get the redness associated with it. The post shave balm is a light balm enriched with aloe vera and witch hazel to target any redness or irritation.

Shaving Brush

The perfect beginner or travel brush.


What morning or evening prep wouldn’t be complete without a good spray of deodorant. This formula works hard to tackle any bugs leaving you feeling fresh and smelling great.


Bluebeard Classic Kit £29.99

Shaving Shack Website




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