The Latest No 7 Booster Serums

The Latest No 7 Booster Serums

Throughout my teenage years and twenties I was very much a sun worshiper. I never heeded any warnings with regards to sun damage etc always opting for the no sun cream route which gave me the better tan adding to that not having a very good skincare routine. When I entered my mid 30s when skin changes are more apparent I began to instantly regret my younger choices. I began delving into skincare more, experimenting with different brands to find my ultimate skincare routine. This of course has changed with new trends and advancement in skincare technologies. Nowadays even when I shattered at night I complete a full cleanse etc. Moving forward to today I have incorporated 2 new products to my daily routine. These are brand new to the market and highly sought after. The launch has sparked a massive waiting list from die hard No 7 fans and newbies who have heard the hype surrounding the clinical trials. I have been very kindly gifted the latest No 7 booster serums which I have been testing as I mentioned above for a few days. I will come back and give a more in depth review and let you know my thoughts after fully testing but at this stage I’m doing a gentle introduction to the serums.


No 7 Booster Serum

The Latest No 7 Booster Serums

Packaging is simple but very effective with the added roller ball applicator which I actually really like. Its very cooling on the skin and enjoyable to use. Also means less mess etc and the applicator section has an on/off feature which stops any accidents. The product itself is highly concentrated giving x4 more firming complex in comparison to No 7’s others serums so a little goes  along way. In fact No 7 recommend only using a peppercorn sized amount at a time and to work the product using the roller ball feature along the contour lines of the face from lip to the brow line. Then again the same amount to the jawline and neck. As we age we lose firmness in the skin so this product is packed full of hyaluronic acid and collagen restoring amino acids. Priced at £38 its a great price point considering such a little amount is required for morning and evening applications.

Firming Booster Serum


No 7 Line Correcting Booster Serum

The Latest No 7 Booster Serums

Love the clever packing of the multi use line correcting booster serum. Again another highly concentrated product offering 7 times more Matrixyl 3000 plus. Very easy to use, adjust the twist mechanism on the bottom of the product and push to dispense the product. The serum can be applied twice daily directly to any lines and wrinkles. But it can also be used as a booster product when added to your own serum/moisturiser or foundation. Its suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Plus it has a really nice consistency which is absorbed easily without leaving behind any residue.

Line Correcting Serum


The Latest No 7 Booster Serums

Im really excited to see the results of using for a longer period of time. From a consistency perspective both the serums are lovely to work with and I haven’t experienced any sensitivity or reactions (not that I expected to) I will come back and give a more in depth review in time but wanted you guys to get in on the hype as I can see this being a very popular product due to beauty press coverage/reviews already.




** I was very kindly gifted these products from the No 7 team at Ards Shopping Centre, Northern Ireland.


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