Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Does anyone else struggle with gift ideas for Fathers Day? My hubby has everything he needs and his wants are usually a new lens or camera which is slightly out of budget for Fathers Day. I love collaborating with brands on the run up to special days. Why? Because I get introduced so many brands that I may not have heard of and then in turn I introduce them to you guys with the hope that it makes your lives that bit easier. This year I have some amazing finds to share and I do hope you enjoy my Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Magnitone – The clean sweep skincare range

Father's Day Gift Guide


I love the fact that men are no longer just washing their faces quickly in the shower in the morning or evening. They are now becoming more conscious of their skin and the want and need to hydrate and moisturise their skin. The water splash doesn’t cut it anymore and many men’s skincare routines are changing. I love the fact that there is so much variety on the market specifically targeting men’s regimes. Today i’m sharing a fabulous brand with you guys. Magnitone is engineered by men for men meaning your getting a target driven product for you.



Energising Face Wash

This cleanser is packed full of caffeine to awaken the skin and leave it ready to absorb your moisturiser effectively. It also has Vitamin B3 to help combat overworked skin and regenerate the top layer leaving your skin feeling soft and subtle.

Resilience Moisturiser

This 24 hour moistursier has the powerful ingredient ginseng incorporated into the formula. Ginseng is a powerful antioxident which is cell protecting. Its very light on the skin and fast absorbing which is perfect for those early morning routines.

Supercharged Microfibre Wash Glove

I was really impressed by the idea behind this product. By just splashing you face with water you aren’t exfoliating any dead skin cells away. When we remove these it allows our products to work to the highest level. This supercharged microfibre cloth is fabulous. It feels soft to touch but when combined with the facial wash it gives your skin that much needed daily pre moisturising prep.


The above products will be available from the Magnitone website mid May, link below

Magnitone Website

The Quick After Work Cookbook

Father's Day Gift Guide


I inherited a man who cant cook ha. I thought that this was a fabulous idea for those who aren’t as experienced in the kitchen or in fact for anybody off to University who needs quick and simple meals. The cook book is binded and features some lovely imagery to compliment the dishes featured. I think as a society we are all very much on the go constantly so to have something that can help reduce kitchen time but supplies good wholesome and filling meals is a bonus. The company behind the book have been in circulation since 1982 and has been mentioned multiple times in the press.

Father's Day Gift Guide


Daily Diary Cook Book Selection’s

Black Leopard Skincare

Over the last few years man have definitely had more of an interest in skincare gone are the days I’ve just washing your face with a flannel at the sink or in the shower. If the man in your life doesn’t want to go full hog and have a full skincare regime they can make simple changes. By adding either an SPF which of course should be used daily I like moisturiser or even just a cleanser into their morning routines can make the difference. My own husband has been trialling out these products below and he really really likes them from the sleek masculine packaging to the delivery of the product. Black Leopard is an Australian brand available in the UK. Its made by men for men and uses only top quality ingredients.


The formula to the 2:1 cleanser includes Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Aloe combined these give a lovely soothing effect to the skin and make shaving that bit gentler. From a price stance its super affordable at only £7.99 for a 100ml unit.


Us ladies are obsessed with eye cream and now men are following suit. My hubby works outside a fair bit so having a good eye cream to hydrate the delicate eye area is so important. not only that but it helps with wrinkles as well which believe it or not men are becoming more aware of. I would use eye cream twice daily but this can be incorporated into your nightly routine easily by just applying a pea sized amount the orbital bone area and letting it work its magic. If you also suffer from dark circles this will also help alleviate them as well 🙂


Black Leopard Skincare


Jelly Belly


Everybody will have heard of this brand. Who doesn’t love a Jelly Belly bean? The company was founded in 1898 and the began making Jelly Belly candy in 1976, my birth year, gosh that’s scary ha. Marvel and super heros have been at the forefront of movie releases for many years. I know my sons and hubby are all Marvel mad.

Father's Day Gift Guide


So to combine Jelly Belly beans and their favourite super heros, its just a match made in heaven. Timed perfectly of course for Fathers Day, these will make a perfect additional or main gift for nay Marvel fans out there. Comin in some amazing flavours including cram soda, sour lemon, very cherry, wild blackberry and berry blue to name a few.


Father's Day Gift Guide

The Super Hero Collection


** This post contains PR samples


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