What To Wear On A Long Flight

What To Wear On A Long Flight

With the summer holiday approaching, you must be in the midst of booking a last minute deal at the other end of the planet – if you haven’t prepared your holiday already. Summer is the best time to travel and see the world because it’s a slow period for most businesses, which means that if you work in an office, you’re more likely to get two weeks off in summer than you are at any other time of the year.
What makes summer so exciting is the fact that when you have a long break, you can seize the opportunity to visit a distant country without worrying about travel time. Whether you’re planning to visit the States or you’re heading to Japan for a guided tour of Tokyo, there is so much to see! There’s only one problem with distant places, and it’s the long flights. If you’ve been only travelling to Europe, it’s fair to say that you may not be used to long haul journeys. Here’s how to make those long trips more comfortable:

What To Wear On A Long Flight

How to pick a cosy and fashionable flying outfit

First of all: chic comfort
When you travel long distances, you need to sit down for nine, ten – or more – hours on a plane seat. Despite the designer’s efforts, you won’t find a seat that can remain comfortable for such a long time if you fail to dress appropriately. If you’re flying for several hours, you need to consider clothes that will let your body breathe and relax. A cosy summer linen dress is the perfect solution if you don’t want to worry about your outfit. You’re ready in a matter of minutes. If you prefer trousers – for yourself or bae –, you need to aim for elegant tracksuit trousers such as the Fujin skinny tracksuit bottoms that can be worn for other occasions too. A handy rule of thumb is to avoid denim and other thick and non-breathable material.

Compression socks are your best friends

If you’ve only been on short flights until now, you’ve never needed to wear compression socks. Staying immobile for an extended period can increase the danger of deep vein thrombosis – DVT for short. Compression socks are designed to encourage blood flow in your lower legs , which reduces the risk of swollen feet and blood clots. However, if you’re worried about turning into your grandmother wearing a pair of old stockings, you can relax. Compression socks can be elegant and fun – they don’t need to look like medical equipment. Pair them with a pair of trainers, and you’re ready to board that plane!

Always pack a little extra in your hand luggage

What To Wear On A Long Flight

Don’t forget to pack your hand luggage for the trip. You might want to add a little cardigan or a thin jumper in case you get cold on the plane. Additionally, you never know what could happen. Your flight could be delayed. You might have miscalculated the arrival time. Whatever happens, you need to be ready. It’s a good idea to pack a change of undies in your hand luggage.

Long flights are the promise of breathtaking discoveries! But before you set foot on foreign soil, you need to make sure you can arrive rested and relaxed. Your choice of flying outfit will play a significant role in your comfort on flight as well as your health. It might sound dull, but you’d better plan your flight than leave it to chance.


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