My Lip Filler Experience

Since I started becoming more interested in the cosmetic industry I have always been intrigued by lip fillers. Until very recently it was something that I thought that I didn’t need. But I wanted to have a naturally fuller lip on a day to day basis without the need of liner to create it. You guys know how much I adore my facial aesthetic nurse Nichola aka the wrinkle free fairy godmother and on a recent clinic visit, I asked her to enhance my lips for me. So today I’m going to be talking about My Lip Filler Experience.


My Lip Filler Experience

My Lip Filler Experience


Having spoken to a few friends who have had lip fillers I was worried about the pain aspect of it all. I am a total wuss with pain but to my delight prior to treatment Nichola applies a light layer of numbing cream to the lip area. Nichola also uses the Teosyal Pen to inject the product. This method makes it a much more pleasant experience for the client. With a 50% pain reduction in comparison to other methods used. The only area I found to be uncomfortable was the cupids bow. When I say uncomfortable it’s a pain that you can tolerate. The best thing about getting fillers in comparison to say Botox is the immediate results. You leave the clinic with the full effect of the treatment. Fillers, of course, break down over time so it is a procedure that you have to get repeated if you want to maintain that fuller lip, if not your lips gradually reduce down to the pre-filler size.



For possibly a day after I had some minor swelling, nothing that anybody would notice. I was able to apply lip products the day after and I used a good lip balm to hydrate at night time as we all should anyway. I’m absolutely delighted with my results. My girlfriends keep saying how fantastic my lips look and I’m also pleased that they have a supernatural look. I’m very much for enhancements but I always want any treatments to improve what I have rather than go for the OTT look which Nichola really takes on board and that makes her the amazing and fully trustworthy nurse that she is 🙂

Pre-injection with numbing cream on
Straight after procedure

Filler Prices at Be You Facial Aesthetics

 Dermal fillers £180 for 1ml

£100 for 0.5ml

Under eye filler £200

Cheek fillers £300


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My Lip Filler Experience

** I paid for this treatment myself


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