4 Edgy Style Statements to Explore

4 Edgy Style Statements to Explore

Feel like you need to add some more edge and grunge to your wardrobe? Maybe you’ve mastered the art of putting together chic and sophisticated outfits, but now you want to get in touch with your wilder side and know how to dress on those days when you’re going to a rock concert or feel like channeling your inner rebel. Unsurprisingly, this is a whole new dimension of the fashion world to explore, particularly for anyone who’s spent most of their time trying to work out their own version of the classy, classic, fresh-faced Audrey Hepburn kind of look. So, here are some suggestions of style tweaks you can make in order to make a more edgy style statement.

4 Edgy Style Statements to Explore

Cartilage earrings

Cartilage piercings are just more punk rock than other forms of ear piercing. Depending on the type of cartilage earring jewellery you go in for, you can really push the envelope and send a clear message to anyone who cares to pay attention, or you could just include a lone stud or ring here or there in order to add a bit of flair and attitude to a look that is otherwise quite conventional and safe. Cartilage earrings come in all different shapes and sizes, and can range from relatively inconspicuous pieces, to chains which connect to two separate cartilage piercings, or even more artistic pieces, such as earrings in the shape of animals, such as dragons that “hug” the ear, or “cuffs” that go around the ear.

Leather trousers

Did you ever see that one episode of Friends, back in the day, when Ross buys a pair of leather trousers in order to channel his inner bad boy, only to be mocked and made the butt of everyone’s jokes for an extended period of time? Yeah, leather trousers are a bit like that. They punish the unworthy who dare to wear them without being completely confident of their style choices, but for anyone who’s able to rock a devil-may-care attitude, leather trousers can be a smoking hot addition to any wardrobe. The key to wearing these well is, simply, carrying yourself like you mean it. Walk with your head up and your shoulders back. Relax. Own it.


Studded bracelets


Studded bracelets are one of those accessories that you need to be a bit careful with if you don’t want to look like an alternative teenager going to their first rock concert. If done tastefully, however, this simple accessory — worn with an evening dress, maybe — can keep people guessing.


Panda eye makeup

Panda eye makeup — that is, using a lot of black mascara and eyeshadow — is generally made fun of. But it’s becoming increasingly popular with various celebs in recent times. Celebs who thrive off an edgy image, such as Taylor Momsen, routinely use this kind of look. Even those who have a more nuanced style, such as Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne, have drifted in this direction from time to time, however. This will be the kind of thing you’ll want to handle with caution, and that you probably won’t want to do every day. It can, however, be a great sultry bad-girl look on the right occasions.


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