Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

Are you tired of your style? Want to embrace a brand new look but you are not entirely sure where to start? If this is true for you then you might want to think about ways that you can switch up your look, without having to make huge amounts of effort.

Thankfully, the good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can change up your look easily. That you can take your current style and give it a bit of an overhaul. Boosting your confidence and giving yourself a new lease of life.

Let’s have a look at some of the main ones that you can try out.

Get your hair cut or coloured

Your hair is one of the first things that people will notice about you, which means that if you want to change up your look, then your hair is a great place to start. There are so many things that you can do with your hair, that sometimes it can be overwhelming, but we think that this just gives you plenty of choice. Get it cut into a brand new style, try out a new colour or simply wear it a different way. You will be surprised by how much of a difference something a simple as tying your hair up when you usually have it down, can do.

Treat yourself to some new glasses

If you wear glasses on day to day basis, then the good news is that you can use your glasses as a way to change up your look. The great thing about glasses is that they can be removed and changed as much as you want, and they come in a variety of great styles too. If you are wondering where you can find great glasses, then there are plenty of websites just like this site, which can help you to find your brand new look. What’s more, stylish new specs have never been cheaper!


Buy different clothes for a change

Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

We all have certain styles of clothes or colours of clothes that we usually buy when we are out shopping. Whilst this tried and tested approach can work out well for us, it isn’t really pushing us out of our comfort zone. This means that we can all too easily get stuck in a style rut and not know how to change things. One great thing that you can do is to challenge yourself to buy (and then wear) something that you normally wouldn’t. Most of the time, you will find that as long as you actually like the overall style of it, that you will want to wear it more and more. You just needed that push in the right direction.

Wear a bright lipstick

Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

If you wear make-up on a regular basis, then you probably already know that it can transform your face to look different. However, just with clothes, you can always fall into a rut when it comes to the make-up colours and products that you use. If you love wearing make-up and you want to look different, then it is a great idea to try out wearing a bright lipstick for a day. Whether it is something that you keep with ongoing, it goes without saying that a splash of bright lipstick is definitely going to make an impression.


Think about accessories

Some people are not quite ready to change things up when it comes to what they wear, which means that they can feel stuck in a style rut. Sure, the best thing that you can do is to change an outfit, but that doesn’t mean that you are only limited to this. Sometimes you can have just as much of an impact by changing a much smaller part of your overall look. Accessories are great for bringing an outfit to life, so, it makes sense that if you want to change your look, that changing your accessories would be a great approach to take.

Have a crazy day

Sometimes you just need that extra push to really try something different, perhaps this is why so many people love to dress up in fancy dress? Who says that you have to wait for a costume day to change things up with your look? Find a day when you can dress in something that is a little more “out-there” when it comes to style and go for it. Sure, you might feel a bit strange to start with, but we can promise you that before long you will feel right at home and you might even embrace the quirky side of your style in no time at all.

Mix up your perfume

Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

Now, by this, we don’t mean that you should get all your bottles of perfume and tip them into one. Scent, the way that we smell, is a powerful thing. How many of us can remember the exact way a certain teacher, relative or friend smelt? Chances are that you can. This means that when it comes to making an impression, sometimes the best thing to mix up is your perfumes. Avoid using the same perfume every single time you apply one, try a new one, bring back an old one that you haven’t tried for ages. You may be surprised by how awesome a different scent can make you feel.

Find some inspiration

We can all find it hard to think of different outfits, hairstyles, makeup or accessories to try out. However, what we can do is turn to someone else to inspire us. Sometimes, the best way to discover a new sense of style is to find some inspiration, particularly if that is from someone that you wouldn’t normally look at in that way. This could be someone online, a celebrity or influencer, or, it could be someone who you know personally. Whoever it is, let their own personal sense of style be what opens you up to some different style.

Get a tan

A good tan can really do wonders to your confidence and the way that you feel about yourself. So, whether it comes from a bottle, or from the usual sun-soaking route, a tan is something that can really change your look up. Just remember, when you are darker after a tan, you are going to need to think about changing things such as your make-up shades as they will need to match.

Book in for a tattoo

Easy Ways to Change Up Your Look

Okay, so, we know that a tattoo might seem a little drastic compared to others on this list, but we think that one of the best ways to change up your look is to book in for a tattoo. This doesn’t have to be something major and there are lots of great designs out there, the idea is that it gives you a bit of a boost.

It can be hugely worthwhile, taking steps to change your appearance.  Whether that is something big or something much subtler. That said, it is important to keep a hold of what makes you, well you.

Whilst you should never feel ashamed of who you are and how you look, sometimes it is a nice refreshing change to mix things up a bit.

So, grab out that bright lipstick, style your hair in a different way, mix up your perfume or simply wear a different colour to what you are used to. Whatever you do, we can promise you that the effort will be worth it.


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