George At Asda A/W Ladies Collection

George At Asda A/W Ladies Collection

George At Asda A/W Ladies Collection, yes I’m delving into the supermarket/fashion world today. One thing I love about shopping atm is the rise of on trend fashion items in supermarkets. With peoples life’s getting busier as the years pass and a drop in social/downtime its great to see our supermarkets upping their game fashion wise. 10 years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of buying from a supermarket clothing line. Not because of where it was from but the styles where somewhat dated and beyond my years. Boy have things changed. We enter into our favourite supermarket and are greeted with rails filled with the latest high street trends.  This gives us the consumer variety. The option to shop locally and affordably. There is such a competitive market fashion wise, brands really need to bring their best to the market and I personally feel that supermarkets are doing just that.  Above all they are putting the needs/wants of the consumer at the forefront of their marketing strategies. I do most of my weekly shopping in Asda and I’m lucky enough to have 3 larger stores close to my home. The ladies section is brimming with items that wouldn’t be out of place on a high street clothing rail. I have made some amazing purchases in my local Asda recently, items that I often get complemented on. So lets see what I’m loving from Asda atm.

George At Asda A/W Ladies Collection





I hope you have enjoyed this fashion style post from me. Its fab to see fashion moving quickly and high trend items hitting the high street and supermarkets quickly. As I mentioned above affordability and style are a great combination.


George At Asda



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