Teenage Fashion Ideas

Fashion has changed so much since I was a teenager, 20 plus years ago, yikes! There so many great choices for teenagers nowadays, style dependant. For girls aged 15/16 there are really no super stylish lines in the likes of Next etc. We tend to source the girl’s items in the adult’s sections but in their equivalent adult size which is 6/8. I’m not a huge fan of my girls dressing older than their ages but there is much more choice for them this way. I recently found this website lotd.com after doing some Christmas clothes shopping for the girls. I thought I would share with you guys in case you are at the same stage that we are or your buying gifts for a teenage girl relatives for Xmas. The selection is vast which is great and all that we have purchased are made really well, so today my post is all about teenage fashion ideas.

Teenage Fashion Ideas

I have a few collages below of items that I found on the website for older teens. These items are very versatile and can be mixed and matched to create different looks. I also haven’t selected any trend pieces simply because fashion changes so quickly from season to season and these items will see you through them all. Which as a parent is much easier on the purse strings. You can also check online for any trends if that whats what your searching for.

Teeange fashion ideas showing a board with a selection of lounge wear

  1. Black cropped frayed hoodie £15.00
  2. Girls rule t-shirt £5
  3. Black slogan hoodie £12
  4. Olive ripped hoodie £10
  5. Grey slogan hoodie £12
  6. Army open knee joggers £10
  7. Slogan joggers £10

Teenage Fashion Ideas featuring a selection of coats including puffa jackets and jeans light and dark colours

  1. Olive padded jacket £15
  2. Oversized coat with fur hood £25
  3. Black gold popper jacket £20
  4. Two-tone skinny jeans £10
  5. Dark basic skinny jeans £15
  6. Five-pocket skinny jeans £15


I hope some of you that maybe have teenage daughters have found this helpful. I know there are a few items that I have featured that I would wear myself lol. That’s what happens with modern mamas now we still dress trendy 🙂



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  1. November 11, 2017 / 08:47

    I have a teen and it’s sometimes difficult knowing where to go to buy outfits that she’ll like. It’s such an in-between stage isn’t it…? Some of the girls stuff *just* fits (she’s beautifully slim and tall) as does some of the womenswear, but it’s often a struggle. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll head over and take a look x

  2. November 11, 2017 / 10:29

    I have a tween (10 on the 15th) which these days is practically the same thing and I know she’d love your choices. I’d wear them too!

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