Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous: Why Celebs Love Marbella And You Could Too

Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous: Why Celebs Love Marbella And You Could Too

Marbella has been getting a fair amount of attention recently thanks to widespread coverage on shows like The Only Way is Essex. But, this celeb attention is nothing new. Since way back in the days of Audrey Hepburn, Marbella’s luxury hotels and houses have hosted some of the biggest names. In fact, the list of celebs who have made this their second home is so long that we could never get through them all, other than to say that everyone from Simon Cowell to Eva Longoria have enjoyed substantial time here. Even if you aren’t that interested in the movements of our reality stars and celebrities, the sheer attention which Marbella gets may have caught your eye. Why, after all, do all these celebrities love this location so much, and could you love it, too?

Located in Spain’s Costa Del Sol, this city forms part of the Andalusia region and, if you’ve been considering giving it a go, we’ve got some points as to why a trip here might be worth your while.


The luxury vibe

Why Celebs Love Marbella And You Could Too

The luxury vibe in itself is part of the appeal with a location like this. Whether you opt to rent luxury apartments in Marbella or stay at top-name hotels like Hotel Villa Padierna which has previously hosted former first lady Michelle Obama, you can bet a trip here will feel like something special. Forget hostels and two star hotels; Marbella is all about the best. The apartments come top of the range, and you’d struggle to find a hotel which didn’t boast a five star rating. Restaurants like La Sala could also extend that luxury to every meal you eat during your stay. Add to that the celebrities you stand to rub shoulders with, and you could argue that this makes for an interesting vacation indeed.

The climate

Why Celebs Love Marbella And You Could Too

Let’s not beat around the bush; Marbella’s climate goes a long way towards making it such an appealing summer holiday choice. Did you expect anything less from a place which is located on Spain’s coast of the sun? Even at its coolest January climate, Marbella rarely goes below the eleven-degree mark. And, summer can see temperatures hitting the high thirties if you time your trip right. If you fancy some sun without having to go far to get it, then, Marbella comes up top with flights here only taking around two hours.

The beaches

With twenty beaches to boast of, it’s also worth arguing that beach life is a significant Marbella appeal. Whether you want to tan it up or just relax on the beach for once, this is a fantastic place to do it. With this many options you’ll be spoilt for choice, but top picks include Calahonda beach or El Faro, a shorter option at just 200 metres, but one which has been awarded the blue flag for cleanliness. Even better; you could end up sunning it next to Lord Alan Sugar. What could be better than that for creating a trip to remember?


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