Exercise Really Does Make You Happier

Exercise Really Does Make You Happier

The next time you’re finding it difficult to get up off the sofa and go for a run, consider this: exercise makes you happier, and that is a fact proven by science. Many reports and studies show that someone who exercises at least three times a week is considerably more likely to be happy, and it is hardly surprising when you think about it. After all, your body needs exercise in order to function properly, and that of course includes your brain, which affects your emotions and thoughts and so on. Actually, it is quite interesting how exercise makes you happier, and in this post we are going to discuss some of the ways that it does so – so that you can feel a little more inspired to go out and move about.

Lowering Stress

Exercise Really Does Make You Happier

There is a definite link between lower stress and improved happiness, so the fact that exercise tends to reduce stress obviously means it also tends to make you a little happier. All exercise improves your stress levels, but some do so more than others, and if you are looking for those that de-stress you the most, you will want to think about your breath. It is exercises which focus on regulating the breath which tend to have the greatest effect on your stress levels and ultimately your happiness, so that means you might want to think about taking that yoga class you’ve had your eye on. However, any kind of exercise is going to help lower stress, so as long as you are moving around you will find it is likely to be helping.

Raising Resilience

Exercise Really Does Make You Happier

The more resilient you feel in yourself, the happier you are likely to be, and this is another important way in which exercise tends to make you a lot happier. When you exercise regularly, you prove to yourself again and again what you are capable of, and ultimately that leads to a more and more resilient mind. That then means that you have an improved self-belief, which is one of the major elements to feeling happy in yourself. Exercise, prove to yourself you are resilient, and you will feel a lot happier. You will also feel more capable to tackle life head-on in many other ways.

Releasing Chemicals

Now for something that most people are a little more aware of than the last two. When you exercise, your brain releases a particular type of neurotransmitter known as endorphins. These are the famous ‘happy’ chemicals which make you feel – well, happy – and the more exercise you do, the more you flood your brain with said chemicals. Of course, you might find after a while that you get used to the increased level of happiness, which is why some people become genuinely addicted to jogging. However, with a healthier body and mind being the only real payment, it’s likely to be worth your while gaining this particular addiction.

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